Spoken English Grammar

There is one particular component of English language learning that is troubling to certain people, depending on the origin of the native language and initial exposure to English. This subject is the mastery of spoken English grammar. The English language has several very specific rules and principles that guide the grammatical structure of words and sentences. This is called syntax, and syntax is essentially the study of how specific words are put together to form sentences in any particular language.

William Shakespeare

Cover of William Shakespeare

It is interesting that syntax can also refer to a computer program, and how the program strings together specific words and phrases to form computer languages. In addition, there are many excellent software programs that teach spoken English grammar, with the learner speaking along with the computer program and mimicking the tone and inflection of the computer simulated voice. This is an effective method for learning spoken English grammar.

Finally, for a complete study of the English language, it is recommended that a study of spoken English grammar be taken up in conjunction with formal study of written English and reading in English to understand how each element works together. Still, a thorough study of spoken English grammar will make time in an English-speaking country more enjoyable. From a business point of view, it is important that a mastery of spoken English grammar be conducted in order to effectively lead in the modern global economy. Without at least a rudimentary understanding of spoken English grammar, communications will be impossible in English.


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